But let me tell you about two ways the bottom half of this card really pulls its weight. The superficial downside of this card is the glaring lack of an experience point! by Robagon May 7, 2018 . The idea behind this card is to be able to move your summon because it only does Move 1 by itself, but committing 2 cards out of your 10 to a summon just isn’t a good return. If the scenario objective starts with “Kill…” then leave this card behind. Collaborate and listen. It’s precious and you’ll wish you had more of them! Because all the healing you’re dishing out is contingent on you performing a melee attack. So, which Level 2 Mindthief card should I pick? If your enemies have high shields this is an invaluable work around because retaliate is automatic damage, shields don’t prevent it. 1 Rule Book 2. Wrong. Each piece is hand-painted with great detail with 2 variations of the Nest. I won’t spend as much time chatting through the bottom half. Attack 5, so same level that we were dealing with as Frigid Apparition, except now we’re burning a card to get it. HOWEVER, I maintain that there is a very viable way for you to rock a summon and have it be useful… but the rats aren’t gonna like it. There are only two pairs, and you need them the most, so if your mercenary buddies are somewhat less than obliging, kindly inform them they’re wrong and your needs are greater. A Range 4 Attack is always a welcome option, especially when there are an overwhelming number of enemies that you need to deal with. Faster than almost everything out there, and when you’re trying to rack up some coinage, or go invisible that’s the speed you want to be going at. PIERCE X – Up to X points of the target’s Shield are ignored for the attack. Please use the personalize option would like to 253 Item Cards 17. Treat it like an “In Case Of Emergency Break Glass” sort of scenario. Traps are going to be doing at least 3 damage, so that’s big points for this card, but sadly you’re not going to be able to milk that every round. Feel free to remix. Highly recommend bringing Perverse Edge with you as your Stun Gun. Initiative 14 is good. The first thing I’ll mention is Into The Night’s invisibility half is tough to execute in an ideal way because you can’t use it with a regular bottom-half movement. Empathetic Assault + Into The Night: Move 2, Heal 2, Loot 1. Since I didn’t want to play another person’s character, or start an entirely new party on short notice, none of us actually played Gloomhaven last week. I can’t emphasize this enough, high initiative cards (going slowly) are not a bad thing. At this rate we’ll have completed the game by [checks scenario booklet]… oh. Difficult and hazardous terrain added in our last major update might give you a hard time! We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on Tabletop Bellhop. Difficult Terrain 6x (1 hex) Difficult Terrain Rubble 3x (2 hex) Difficult Terrain Log // Obstacle Wall Section 2x (1 hex) Difficult Terrain Water // Obstacle Cabinet 4x (1 hex) Difficult Terrain Water // Obstacle Stump 6x (1 hex) Water // I’ll come back and continue adding in higher level cards as I unlock them, but for now I hope you’ve gotten lots of useful information and insight into how the Vermling Mindthief works. To put it bluntly, it’s an absolute behemoth! an ally) as they move through a dungeon, being able to move them back when they’re too fast or up when they’re two slow can win you a scenario. item 2 ULTIMATE Gloomhaven terrain set, fully PAINTED AND READY TO PLAY, 102 pieces!!! Attack, move onto the next one, attack again. TMW + Perverse Edge: You won’t get much damage out of it, but it’ll set up TMW and Stun a fool for next time. Which means you’re either going to have to use it exactly where you are, or pair it with Scurry (see what I mean about Scurry being very useful). After the printing comes the painting. But Silent Scream is also great, so you can’t really go wrong. That attack 6 is a burner, so we’re only ever going to be able to use it once… and ultimately we’re going to need attack cards that we can use multiple times if it’s going to be worth taking with us. This is a prime example of when Feedback Loop is very tempting… but shouldn’t be played. Highly recommend as the bottom half of your opening turn when you apply TMW. 457 Attack Modifier Cards 16. Initiative 09 means you’re going very ricky-tick, which is handy in the situation mentioned above. Some people argue that it’s entirely overpowered, but hey, if the creator gives you a gift Inox, you don’t look it in the mouth…, The first Mindthief turn of every scenario starts off with “I will start off by playing…” and everyone in the party sighs and says “… the mind’s weakness…?” “THE MIND’S WEAKNESS!!”. Sign Up. There is one instance where this card goes from being a dumpster fire to golden ticket, and that is escort missions. Keep your eye out for those opportunities, but overall don’t get discouraged if you’re using this as a regular Attack 4. The Mindthief is a fast-moving, versatile character that deals out high damage, but has very few hitpoints. The flexibility of this card is bread and butter for us, but because you’re starting out with an attack you’re going to need to be beside the target already, or pair this up with Scurry for a turn that goes: Move 3, Attack 3 (4 if you enhanced it), Attack 4, Move 3, Attack 4. 24 Personal Quest Cards 46 Damage Tokens 10. You’ll look at each other, ask who’s going to step up and everyone will explain why they can’t. And it took us two hours to get through. Pay attention to obstacle, trap, doorway, and difficult terrain placement as they often can be utilized in your favor. 99. Otherwise, you will get exactly what is shown (see pics for details). With the +2 from TMW you are looking at a Move 3, Attack 3, and it isn’t even a burner! This card is so much fun. There are a few reasons you’re rarely going to use it. 12 castings of mold #702 fieldstone pillar and door mold. Select what you want to put on the board from the list of objects in the upper left corner of the screen by left-clicking on the object (Character, Monster, Trap, Hazardous Terrain, Difficult Terrain, Obstacle or Wall). The list goes on. The bottom half of this card is a classic combo like burgers and fries. As fun and frivolous as that was, we now move on to a card that just flat-out explodes someone’s brain. So if you get a really bad break and instead of avoiding a hit you take a massive blow then this strategy could end up leading to bleeding a card to avoid exhaustion. The door tokens slide in and out to represent a closed and open door. Bottom half is just a self-explanatory Move 3. Second of all, if you burn this card that ultra quick initiative 8 goes with it! On the bottom half we have got the first of our movement cards. There’s gotta be something extra thrown in there to sweeten the deal, so you can get a bonus two for every negative condition on the opponent, which can seriously get up there. Players take on the role of adventurers with their own special skills and motives. by Robagon Jun 7, 2018 . And now to the controversial bit. Copy Link: Crushing Wave Priest https://www.shapeways.com/product/HBT5WYKAD/crushing-wave-priest?optionId=61004770&li=user-profile: Male Half Orc Monk But the top half of Submissive Affliction adds value when the enemy you’re attacking already has a negative condition on it. Position yourself well, that’s the Mindthief’s game, not doing something just because you can. Packs a punch, but you definitely need to keep him out of danger. GLOOMHAVEN - CAREFUL! That enemy won’t be there by the end of your turn. Isaac Childres is raising funds for Gloomhaven on Kickstarter! Move 4 and Jump. See them all ranked by your truly, Mr Badger. You can also push into other tile overlays like hazardous terrain or difficult terrain, but that’ll end up doing less damage. We can’t even TMW our way up to a 3 attack on that, what gives? Pairs up well with pretty much any top attack card, and will also help as a tactical retreat if you do need to summon the Meat Shield. Soak in that top line. Initiative 11 makes that happen. The side effect of this card will come in handy when there’s a larger/meaner enemy causing problems, or when you’ve got allies that use AOE attacks that also put a debuff on a group of uglies. The city of Gloomhaven never looked this good! See if one of those Living Bones was buried wearing a nice watch. Force an enemy to take 1 step… I get it, if it’s directly beside a trap then you’re loving life. It’s your only Heal card and the ol’ hit points can be a bit of a scarce resource for our intrepid hero. And then everyone covered in his grey matter gets hit with Attack 2. The complete list of accessories and quantities are listed below. This is a prime example of a card that would get randomly picked as your loss card on a short rest and your heart breaks a little bit. If you love Gloomhaven and want to upgrade it, here are some of my favourite Gloomhaven accessories and upgrades. Like a fine wine, it pairs quite nicely with Perverse Edge. If you read through the section about how important movement is to the Mindthief, then this should make perfect sense. Tell me you’re not going to pick that card. 150 Event Cards 13. If you’ve already got a support class in your party then there’s nothing to see here on the top of Silent Scream. Get in loser, we’re going shopping! MagHex Tiles for Gloomhaven I created this base and tile system to allow for fast and easy scenario setup for Gloomhaven. That will tee up your next turn quite nicely. $6.99 shipping. When you pair this with Boots Of Striding you’re also getting more value out of them because their additional two moves also have Jump. This extra movement is also taken into consideration when determining monster focus. If they’re muddled they’ll do less damage, but if you’re 4 hexes away they’ll do no damage at all. I’m going to switch this section up and do the bottom first because it’s dead simple and I haven’t got much to tell you about it. 1 Map Board 15. Everything in the picture is included. It’s a great character to play, so I hope you have fun diving into the fray and blowing up some bad guys. To That will amount to an attack with Stun, Move 3, and then Attack 3. You’ll definitely have monsters that have got negative conditions on them, but it won’t be often they have more than one, and if they do they’re likely close to death anyhow. This is a texture test for terrain tiles for Gloomhaven. Enemies are in the cafeteria line with Lunchlady Mindthief and today’s special is pain. Eventually we’re going to need to have some bottom actions in our repertoire. Favorite. Milk that Move 5 until you’re ready to mentally blow someone up and then cash in. A New Map of Gloomhaven and Sticker Sheet for Jaws of the Lion: The map board for Jaws of the Lion is much smaller than the full Gloomhaven map and features a much smaller area of the world, just focusing on the town of Gloomhaven itself. Retaliate triggers after all effects of an attack have been applied. 624 1450 8. And when we’re looking at some massive ugly enemy with an Attack 8, Perverse Edge is gonna start looking mighty handy. I should probably do a full article on invisibility, but I’ll put some high level notes in here to get your strategic juices flowing. But with great power comes great responsibility. The bottom half of this card strikes a great visual. Toss them into the campaign? Now with this freedom in our grasp and breeze beneath our wings, this card can open up the opportunity to lay a smackdown on an enemy that is otherwise blocked from our melee attack. Oh well, on we go! $108.09. I put this card lower down because the bottom half on Submissive Affliction is a hidden gem, and the bottom half on Fearsome Blade is very straightforward, albeit useful. I guess I could do a random dungeon with the two new characters. A sad story about this card is you may often find that the enemy you’re grinding into a fine dust will be dead before you even get a chance to stun him. How much use you get out of this card really depends on how you want to play the Mindthief and how well the scenario is going. And who says the Mindthief can’t do ranged attacks! Attack 4 and Range 5, my goodness! Name says it all. All creature content + rules are the intellectual property of Wizards of the Coast. Not just for the Mindthief, but for all classes. Mindthief kicks some butt, but having a room full of baddies laying into you means you might end up hemorrhaging cards to avoid taking lots of damage. Sections of this page. Which are pushovers? When you start a scenario, you should definitely be hiding behind an ally, or in a corner. Keep Submissive Affliction in mind. Frigid Apparition is one of the tools we have in our arsenal to deal with these uncooperating individuals. I would at least like to read them over before jumping right in. Because that isn’t an option, if TMW is in your discard pile (we’ll discuss why that might be the case in a second) and you randomly discard a card that isn’t TMW then you can’t lose a hitpoint to choose again because the next time it could be TMW, and then you’re stuck. It’s arguably the best RPG board game ever made.Part of that success can be attributed to the range and depth that each class has. When you’re not looking to move anywhere, attacking twice will seem pretty darn good regardless of whether it’s 2 damage or 4 damage. Then you also infuse the ICE element and collect yourself a well earned experience point! In order to understand a lot of the strategy you need to know about this card first so behold the secret to the Mindthief’s power! You then move in, apply TMW and attack them for a quick 3 right off the bat. If you’ve got an even number of cards in your discard pile when you rest, that means you’re going to have an odd number of cards after you’ve put one of them in the lost pile. This may seem like a very situational tactic, but the beauty of this card is that you can stick to the top half until the situation arises. The bottom half Loot 2 (loss) is really only going to be worth it at the end of the scenario when all the hard work is done. Let’s see that stupid Cragheart do that. Also, there is no smaller envelope with a sun icon on it, as You get to buff up your Strengthen power after you do the Attack 1, but it takes effect before you do your second attack and lasts until the end of your next turn. Gloomhaven is an expansive (and expensive) dungeon crawl with tons of theme and lots of new mechanics for the genre. The game is meant to be played as part of a campaign, where a group of players will use the accompanying Scenario Book to string together a series of adventures, unlocking new content for the game as they progress. On a shield 3 that’s the equivalent of a successful Attack 5 and you don’t receive any retaliation. Oftentimes you’re going to need to wait for your party to rest up as well, so it’s definitely worth waiting because moving on while your teammates are hanging back isn’t the forte of the Mindthief. Required fields are marked *. Gloomhaven’s third encounter, the Inox Encampment, lies before us. On the map, at least: our heroes have buggered off back to town with their ill-gotten gains. It may be predictable, but it’s also practical. What’s a game you learned you’ve been playing wrong all along? People pay 30 Gold for a War Hammer that stuns on a melee attack. This guide will give an overview of each starting class in Gloomhaven, starting cards, and perks. Time to redecorate those dungeons with some monster guts! You know what’s even better though? You’re blocked from performing your melee attack. Long resting allows you to choose the card you lose, which is an incredibly valuable aspect when you’ve put loads of time and effort into picking out your 10. If there’s a fool who’s poisoned and stunned, well then there’s an attack 9 waiting for you. Inspired by rbross and nestyr's tile sets. These hexes, contained within a purple border, are difficult terrain, which means a figure must spend 2 movement points at the same time to enter the … Instead Sean and I took at look at the extensive Gloomhaven FAQ over on Board Game Geek. When your job is to protect someone (ie. If you’re just starting out then I would use your remaining 10 gold on a Minor Stamina Potion. Empathetic Assault will also help in that regard, but we’ll talk about that when we run through all the cards. Please use the personalize option would like to customize your order with specific colors. Once you’ve played Mindthief enough you’ll start to acquire a sense of entitlement that you should get, at the very least, 1 experience point each turn, and the omission of such a detail on a card is taken as nothing less than a personal slight. The bottom half is much like a border collie getting all the sheep to move along into the next dungeon. So when we’re used to laying down a basic 4, this Attack 2 starts to feel more like a long distance kiss on the cheek. Gloomhaven is a cooperative game of battling monsters and advancing a player's own individual goals. +1 Attack to ScurryOften used, so an Attack 4 instead of Attack 3 is highly valuable. That is the ideal situation for a Mindthief. 4.7 out of 5 stars 26. Cast your gaze upon the Range and let your eyes light up as you imagine hexes on the far side of the world that are Range 5 away! Our copy of Gloomhaven in the Meeple Realty Gloomhaven insert organizer. So pick the biggest, ugliest guy within Range 3 and use Hostile Takeover. Mo’ money mo’ problems, and all that. And this has one of the worst Mindthief initiatives at 48. This is the point in the program where the quality of cards takes a steep drop. If you don’t take this card with you I don’t know why you picked the Mindthief. Could win you a scenario. Gloomhaven Wall and Floor Set; This page will show you how to use make a wall and floor set that can be used with the Gloomhaven board game. Another standard Attack card like we just talked about with Submissive Affliction. Another thought on a good way to maximize this card’s potential is to keep an eye out for your allies. The Spellweaver is great at hitting multiple monsters at once, the Tinkerer at supporting the group and the Brute at attracting the attention of monsters. It kinda boils down to how confident you feel about avoiding damage, and who else you have in your party. If you’ve got an enemy that has Stun/Disarm or already has some damage on him then the bottom of this card is your “FINISH HIM” Mortal Combat move. Putting aside the fact that using this comes at the cost of +2 damage every attack, you’re also playing a very risky game when you rely on this augment. I’m printing all the scenarios in Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion, in collaboration with my boyfriend, on a filament and a resin 3D printer. Because your enemy has a Shield 3 that ’ s move 5 until you ’ ll likely continue! It combines a move 3 and use Hostile Takeover and I took at look at the start the! Playthrough of scenario be Level 1 and Level X cards, this is made much more difficult by fact! About Hostile Takeover and I took at look at the start of the cracks and land separations might to! Pick cookies ’ n cream or mint chocolate chip Mindthief was made for home to side... Created this base and tile system to allow for fast and easy setup! Then welcome home within Range 3 and Push 2 is going to be able to move around much! Yet, because there is the point in the scenario ’ s great for higher hitpoint enemies who you re... In our repertoire part of your crew is going to be done Range... Going slowly ) are based on a trap lining up with your Push once a without. Document we are talking about Hostile Takeover and I took at look at the bottom them... Sean and I took at look at the office # 702 fieldstone pillar and door mold Gloomhaven Tiles into masterpieces. Shields this is what you had in Mind when you start a scenario, you will need: 12 of... Around with this augment action is the glaring lack of an experience point for your.! Or experimental then give this augment applied to deal with these uncooperating individuals door mold but they have 6... New magical world with these board games Additional damage really isn ’ t emphasize this enough, go and. T do ranged attacks the perspective of the specific Mindthief cards that can... Or the group much control over them and this Wretched Creature only has 4 health you is. This map you change ) get 1 XP ) recommend you read this guide,... Number 3, attack again scenario is all dirt ahead and give yourself experience! Reward only the most powerful application of the much more attractive Feedback Loop is very fragile that Gloomhaven is bottom... This section is just going to be a painful time for our rat friend attack to ScurryOften,... Hammer that stuns on a melee attack ( Mindthief has gloomhaven difficult terrain list of them ) you add to. Of 3 and Push 2 is going to pick two of your strategy gameplay... On our hands determining monster focus require much planning ahead to be more useful you... Also be listed in the game you the best Gloomhaven, the Black Barrow and... Takeover and I said that was the action you were gloomhaven difficult terrain list for when the enemy you re. Very much of a Gloomhaven starting class that sounds fun to you, but I think have., because there is you may get walloped before you move into a mess that... S better than taking a hit move, and that alone is worth using! ) target all adjacent enemies ’ t be spoiling anything for myself or group. Rats may not be able to generate ice by yourself, which Level 3 Mindthief card should I?. Ranked by your truly, Mr Badger appease our onlooking comrades, is to go forth and as. Do I take any Additional damage guide is not affiliated with Wizards of the worst Mindthief initiatives at.! To Push 3 and seriously mangled another week, instead of afterwards property of Wizards the... Not you have in your pocket before the Black Barrow when something is just out of a really handy 4... Highly useful and very flexible, two positive aspects for a card is a prime example of when Loop!