That’s above and beyond- Thrive Market … The only items you cannot order from them is fresh produce. They are one of the best! Thrive Market Review: Disadvantages Membership Fee. This is the first time I have ordered from Thrive and I have had a positive experience. No complaints except for MY letting TMkt goodies run too low & run out. I like how quickly I received the products I ordered. Our Member Services team would be happy to help with that; you can live chat with them on the website, send an email to, or give us a call at (866) 419-2174. It’s helping to save lives. Can’t wait to try some new items I ordered. In the past, my time of ordering varied the delivery by 1-4 days. Thank you, Thrive Market! I will definitely be back. Then I discovered that I could get a 30 day free trial before committing to the … TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE! Customer service was quick to fix this issue and issued a refund for the damaged goods. Shopping around Thrive was a great experience. Rarely do you come across companies that have really great customer service but thrive is one of those. Thrive market provides touchless, contactless pickup of groceries, food and supplies to our front door. It’s a great place to shop online and get quality food at reasonable prices. Representative was helpful and provided great service. If only I had 100 friends, I could earn $2,500. Thrive offers V, GF and organic or kosher products. Easy to use and awesome products and fast! On my most recent order, I ran into a problem with one of the items (I couldn’t turn the dial on a deodorant). I'd give 10 stars is I could. Online discount markets are rapidly growing in popularity, due to their convenience. Cheaper prices than WFs. Great variety of interesting products. Received two items that were damaged. 2018 Review of Thrive Market – Online Wholesale Organic Grocery Store. Quality items, fair prices (discounted) and amazing customer service. Thrive Market ROCKS!! We're so sorry if our temporarily limited store hours last year were an inconvenience, these limits have been lifted and our team has been able to increase our inventory back to pre-COVID levels. Thrive Market also offers a hefty incentive for sharing their services via a unique code: The code gets each of your friends 15% off, and you get $25 in Thrive Cash when they become a paying member. I love getting all of my specialty healthfood and supplements here! Once you’re a member, you can place as many orders as you’d like, and shipping is … Product was damaged during shipping. I especially like how easy it was to shop by diet, which was amazing and the selections were great!The reason for the 4-star was the shipping. Also when my package showed up, the miracle noodles were in a zip lock bag with peanut butter and the bags had busted. However, we're working hard to get things back in stock. I will definitely be back soon! My shipment was three days late, and possibly lost. I contacted customer service quickly and they promptly submitted my order again and it will be shipped out quickly. Do you agree with Thrive Market’s star rating? A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. Very thorough and the shipping is wonderful. Thrive Market Cost: Thrive Market does have a membership cost, but I think it pretty much pays for itself if you use it at least once a month. Since CoVid-19 it’s the first time we’ve needed to rely on food delivery service to our home. All of the ones I looked through were marked “resolved” or “answered.” We’re seniors, a retired couple. Took less than 5 mins. I received my box today and an item had been damaged and powder was every where. Healthy Living Made Easy Get the highest quality, healthy and sustainable products delivered at member-only prices. My last order had a jar of olives that had gotten crushed in transit. I love Thrive market, but this is the second time in the last two months that I have received a box with broken or crushed items. Thrive Market Review: Finding Affordable Organic Groceries Has Never Been Easier Talia Abbas 6/24/2020 'Hellish': Covid deaths have struck younger Latinos. Most of the boxes I receive are stellar on packaging, it’s only been the ones that have been packed poorly or too tight that have come with damaged items. Thanks for the assist TMkt! Thrive Market is a membership program, which was the biggest issue holding me back from signing up right away. Thrive Market is a regular part of my grocery shopping for a couple of years now. Read on for a thorough Thrive Market review covering membership basics, key features, and pros and cons of the site. 1,961 reviews for Thrive Market, 4.1 stars: 'Thrive has almost all of the brands and products I buy regularly. For an easy way to see what's in stock, click here. Even during our Stay At Home orders due to Covid-19, Thrive Market provided a way for us to continue our work while feeling comfortable and provided a sense of relief/stability during uncertain times. I am just at a place where I don’t need it but will definitely reactivate my account in the future. No complaints about the customer service. Read my Thrive Market review and save an extra 20% on your first three orders! Thrive Market Review Conclusion. It was immediately rectified w a credit to my account. An item I ordered arrived damaged, I contacted customer care if it’s on the chat application and they resolve my issue expediently also process the refund within the same day so I can replace the object. The situation was handled professionally and efficiently. Do you agree with Thrive Market’s star rating? I know I personally would spend at least $5 a month just in gas driving to/from the grocery store, and that doesn’t even factor in the money you save due to the low cost/sales on Thrive. Excellent company and products. They have a yearly fee but with each membership, they donate one membership to a family in need. Our Member Services team would be happy to help with your membership charge and any questions or concerns you might have. We tried to be patient as we were all navigating difficult times but the bumps became too big for us to overcome. When COVID hit, we were comforted knowing we had the Thrive service to rely on. I chatted with a representative and they very quickly solved the problem, no issues. Thrive Market Reviews, gives access to consumer reviews and wholesome foods and products at everyday wholesale prices, Also a shout out to Jenny, who helped get everything right! It’s like an online Whole Foods. Given this fact, I was quite eager to let people in on what it is all about with this Thrive Market Review. BEWARE! Very helpful to order pantry items at a discount price without going to the store during the pandemic. Was offered an immediate resolve.The quick response and generous refund was very appreciated. I order and pay (they don’t give me free stuff) once a month because Thrive Market reliably has the high quality food that I want to feed my family and offers the convenience of online shipping plus great prices.. How can you top that?? However, the customer service was able to offer me a refund for my not so miracle noodles. Great service with nice and real people. Thrive Market matches every paid Thrive Market membership with a free membership for someone in need. We receive excellent customer service to resolve any issue that comes up. After being told it’s “going to be delivered tomorrow” twice, I was able to get a refund and am able to buy what I needed and more in a new shipment. Excellent service and efficiency! If you know miracle noodle, they are liquified, so I had noodle juice all over my peanut butter and Nutzo. Everything is wrapped so diligently. Thrive Market is a membership-based grocery delivery website with organic options. Since 2015, Thrive Market members have donated more than $1.5 million at checkout, which funds the shopping budgets of their Thrive Gives members and sends Thrive Market staples to families in crisis. The Thrive Patch is a weight loss plaster claimed to aid weight loss and offer other health benefits. In addition to saving time and money at the grocery store, some sites, such as Thrive Market, offer a selection of health foods that are good for you and the planet. Check out what 1,668 people have written so far, and share your own experience. Thrive Market currently ships to all residential and commercial addresses in the Contiguous U.S. We do not currently ship to P.O. Due to a spike in demand, some items are sold out. boxes, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, or Canada… Chatted with a customer rep. who was very helpful and immediately apologized and offered me a refund. Super friendly staff, very easy to get a hold of, professional and strive to go above and beyond. Excited to get started. In full disclosure, I’ve been a regular customer of Thrive Market for years and recently they became a sponsor of this website. They also offer great deals on price discounts, free shipping at certain levels, Thrive cash and discounted prices compared to what I would pay if I went into my local grocery store.